Soul Connections: When One Is With Another

So one meets a soul connection partner and the sparks fly. We feel the pull, are drawn to this particular individual in a big way. We feel like we have known them for a lifetime. Maybe longer. We feel love for them at the soul level, feelings of a magnitude perhaps we have never felt before. Do I know you? Have we met before? Perhaps never having met physically yet there is a knowing there, a sense that one has interacted on some level with this person before. And one desires to do so again. One may feel that this is a match made in Heaven. Ones soul mate. But there is just one catch. They are with another. Perhaps we ourselves are as well. Or one of the partners or both run and initiate a relationship with someone else. So much for this being a match made in Heaven, looks and feels a tad more like one straight out of Hell, yeah?

So this is to be the perfect romantic partner. Our soul mate, our soul connection, our twin, whatever label one may choose to attach to this person, the object of ones desire. And often obsession. One cannot stop thinking about them, wanting to be with them, yet circumstances being as they may, this is rendered virtually impossible by the fact that they already have a partner, or have left and are with another. Someone else is in the picture, therefore an exclusive relationship with the soul connection partner is not an option. So much for the perfect partner concept, seems like that just flew out the window lol. Yet there is that pull. The imbalance of energies tugging away at us, drawing us back to this person, to the karmic resolution that awaits us.

For one who is viewing the soul connection partner mainly from a relationship standpoint, it is not difficult to see how traumatic, how devastating these circumstances can be. Perhaps one or both of the soul connection partners are in a less than satisfying relationship with another, or one is and the other is not. If this was to be the love of a lifetime why would the soul connection partners meet under these less than optimal conditions? Something to ponder.

They say there is a fine line between love and hate. I do believe that we truly see this in soul connection cases where the partners cannot be together for one reason or another, esp when there is another party or parties involved. Some times friends or family may interfere, career decisions separate the partners, distance and geography get in the way. And so does ones own emotions. The inner struggle the turmoil that this creates, the karmic lessons that are brought to the forefront to be addressed. This is where the attention must be focused. Learning what the connection was brought into ones life to address, working on ones own issues.

The desire to be with the soul connection partner in a relationship when there are other parties involved can bring out behavior that is not necessarily representative of the persons true self, that vision being obscured by the pain and fear based reactions and behaviors of the parties involved. Jealousy can rear its ugly head, esp. when one has low self esteem and insecurity issues which are know presenting themselves. Rejection issues may arise when the partner that one so desires to be with refuses to do so, we have seen these issues repeatedly in soul connection runner situations. Look at some of the nutty things most of us have done in pursuit of the relationship with a runner. Amazing that any of us are sane. Thank God for ego death.

How often when one has felt hurt over something that has occurred in our lives have we lashed back at the one who we perceive to have caused us this pain? All too often perhaps. Saying vicious things to fight back, behaving in ways that allow us to somehow justify the pain, the disappointment, the hurt that we feel. Yet none of this breaks the connection, a feeble attempt at best to logically understand it. If we can turn that person into a total jerk in our minds then their actions do not affect us as much, don’t hurt as deeply. A way to mentally and emotionally justify why the partner cannot be with oneself. Perhaps their actions have hastened this along. Yet both parties are struggling to come into balance, hence this internal flux.

One may decide that a relationship upon reconnection is not an option with the soul connection partner, perhaps this isn’t a connection that requires one and the karma is now in balance. Imperative to see the process for what it is. The soul connection for why the individuals came together. The work comes first, and then the rewards. Perhaps a relationship with the partner will ensue, maybe not. But growth and enlightenment come with both, and one will find the peace that they are seeking, and that in itself is our just reward.

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  1. LaVerne says:

    Before Oct 4, 2013 (just 3 months ago) I swear I didn’t believe in any SoulMates and definitely couldn’t fathom what a soul connection was. I guess it was inevitable seeing as to how I’ve always had a stronger faith in God for most my age because of the trials I’ve endured but still I wasn’t prepared. When I met this gentleman at an event I wasn’t going to go til the last minute I had a change of heart; it was as if our eyes connected and I knew I knew him and I felt an undeniable feeling of déjà vu. This experience has turned my life upside down , and onto a path that I can’t possibly go back down. I’m changed. I say all this to say, I’ve combed every google search for the past 3 months trying to make sense of what I feel. And coming across your’s this morning sums up everything I couldn’t put into words without sounding batty and a sentence away from the nut house. Thank you truly!