My name is Jean Green. I am a natural born Empath, Reiki Master and Intuitive Writer.

Feel free to browse the site and read the articles that I have written on the soul connection experience and other aspects of spirituality.

Many people have said that my articles are like talking to a friend, and that what I have written is exactly what they are feeling at the time. I cannot speak to each and everyone individually, yet I can speak to many through my articles. Having empathic ability allows me to tune into what one is feeling, where one is coming from and heading, as I feel what one feels. This allows me to tailor the guidance that I provide specifically to the individual that is seeking my counsel.

As well as writing, I offer one to one personal empathic spiritual guidance sessions via telephone.
I specialize in the soul connection experience. If one is feeling alone, you do not have to walk alone. Help is available. Together we will explore what is happening in ones own soul connection experience, your individual responses to it, the details of your life and how the spiritual laws apply in your situation and fit into the big picture. There is so much to be learned from the soul connection experience, yet when one remains caught up and confused in the pain, the lessons go virtually unnoticed. We will take a look in that mirror together and identify the spiritual lessons that are being presented to you, learn ways to manage the energetic link between yourself and your soul connection partner, and become empowered and grow within the experience, not succumb to it. I will provide you with honest, sound spiritual support, guidance and direction in any area of your life, be someone who will assist you who is objective, stands with you, not for you, outside your experience, the pain, yet able to step into it and help you to move through and beyond that which is holding you back from experiencing the life that you desire and deserve.

I do not discriminate and am non judgmental. Anyone who seeks my assistance will be offered the utmost of respect, compassion and all sessions are strictly confidential. One will find me to be very laid back and easy going, easy to talk to and share intimate details of one’s life with. Often times I have caused someone to laugh when they started out in tears.
Allow me to assist you to gain new insight, a renewed sense of strength, and become empowered. I feel that it is a disservice to one to misdirect and enable.

We as people are all interconnected. One’s success and happiness is my joy. My wish for you is a life that is lived, not simply survived. Is your life not working for you? You have the power to change it.
Empathic Spiritual Guidance Sessions:
$60 USD for 30 min. $90 USD for one hour
Email me to schedule a session –


Note: All sessions are for entertainment purposes only. I do not discuss or provide advice on medical, psychological, or legal issues. Sessions are strictly related to spiritual issues. Please consult a physician, psychiatrist/psychologist or attorney at law for these matters. Any action or lack thereof taken by the client based upon information or advice given during a session is the responsibility of and at the sole discretion of the client. Jean Green will be held harmless from any said action or lack thereof.